Kay Knight Choreography Award

Kay Knight Choreography Award: Recognizing Merit in Dance

Are you an upper-class dance major with a passion for choreography? If so, you’ll be thrilled to learn about the prestigious Kay Knight Choreography Award. This highly coveted scholarship is granted to deserving individuals who have demonstrated exceptional talent and creativity in the field of choreography during their academic journey. In this article, we will delve into the eligibility criteria, benefits, and application process for this distinguished award.


Eligibility Requirements: Celebrating Inventiveness and New Challenges

To be considered for the Kay Knight Choreography Award, you must be an upper-class dance major who has exhibited a remarkable body of work in choreography throughout your academic career. The award celebrates students who have embraced inventiveness, demonstrated clarity of ideas, and showcased a relentless search for new challenges in their choreographic endeavors.


The Continuous Process of Choreographic Exploration

The Kay Knight Choreography Award recognizes that the development of a dancer’s craft is an ongoing journey. It acknowledges the importance of a student’s continuous engagement in choreographic exploration and encourages them to seize various performance opportunities available at Ball State University. Through active involvement in showcasing their work, students can further hone their skills, gain exposure, and leave a lasting impact on the dance community.


Unveiling the Benefits: The Power of Pursuing Your Passion

While specific details about the benefits of the Kay Knight Choreography Award remain unknown, it is important to remember that scholarships are designed to empower and support students in their pursuit of academic and artistic excellence. The award undoubtedly provides recipients with valuable recognition, encouragement, and the financial resources necessary to further fuel their passion for choreography.


Application Process: Seizing the Opportunity

If you believe you meet the eligibility criteria and wish to apply for the Kay Knight Choreography Award, the application process is straightforward. Applications are accepted during the spring semester, and you can obtain the necessary forms from the main office, located in AC 306. Be sure to complete the application accurately and provide any requested supporting materials to strengthen your candidacy.


The Anticipation Builds: End-of-Year Banquet

Once the application period concludes, the dance department at Ball State University carefully reviews all submissions and meticulously evaluates each candidate’s body of work. The anticipation reaches its peak during the department’s end-of-year banquet, where the award recipients are officially announced. This celebratory event marks a moment of recognition and serves as a testament to the remarkable achievements of the selected individuals.

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The Kay Knight Choreography Award stands as a symbol of distinction, celebrating upper-class dance majors who have devoted themselves to the art of choreography. Through this scholarship, Ball State University aims to recognize and honor students who have displayed inventiveness, clarity of idea, and a relentless pursuit of new challenges in their choreographic endeavors. By embracing this opportunity and applying for the award, you can showcase your exceptional talent and potentially receive the support needed to propel your dance career to new heights.

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