Hiring Household Service Worker in Hong Kong | Salary PHP 35,639 – 39,647

Household Service Worker in Hong Kong

Household helpers play a crucial role in maintaining the functionality and harmony of households around the world. From managing general housekeeping chores to providing care and assistance to family members, these individuals often go above and beyond to ensure a comfortable living environment. In this article, we will delve into the job description, qualifications, and the agency behind a household helper position offered by Waytech Consultants in Hong Kong.

Job Description

As a household helper, your responsibilities may include:

  1. Managing General Housekeeping Chores: This involves tasks such as cleaning, tidying, and organizing the home to ensure it is a clean and pleasant living space.
  2. Running Errands: Household helpers may be responsible for running various errands, which can include grocery shopping, picking up dry cleaning, and more.
  3. Providing Care/Assistance for Family Members: This aspect of the job often includes childcare, where you will be responsible for looking after and ensuring the well-being of children in the household.
  4. Reliable, Responsible, Hardworking, and Patient: These qualities are essential for success in this role. Household helpers must be dependable, trustworthy, diligent, and patient in their interactions with both their employers and family members.


To be eligible for the household helper position with Waytech Consultants, candidates must meet the following qualifications:

  • Minimum of 2 Years of Working Experience: Prospective candidates should have at least two years of prior working experience, which demonstrates their competence and familiarity with household tasks.
  • High School Graduate: Candidates must have completed their high school education as a minimum educational requirement.
  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 24 years old, ensuring they have the maturity and life experience necessary for this role.
  • Ex-Abroad DH Experience Preferred: While not mandatory, candidates with prior experience as Domestic Helpers (DH) abroad are preferred, as they often possess valuable skills and cultural adaptability.

Principal/Employer Details

  • Principal/Employer: Waytech Consultants
  • Principal/Employer Address: Hennessy Road, Hong Kong
  • POEA Registration/Accreditation No.: 102588251

Placement Fee:

This job has no placement fee, making it an attractive option for prospective household helpers.

Agency Details

For those interested in applying for this position, the agency responsible for recruitment and placement is as follows:

  • POEA License No.: POEA-111-LB-070220-R
  • Address: UNITS 3A/B/C, DAVIS BUILDING, A. MABINI COR STA MO ERMITA, MANILA, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Company Profile: You can learn more about the agency by visiting their profile on Workabroad ph website: Laumel – Waytech Consultants.

How to Apply for Household Service Worker in Hong Kong

Household helpers play an indispensable role in maintaining the smooth functioning of households and ensuring the well-being of family members. The position offered by Waytech Consultants in Hong Kong provides a valuable opportunity for individuals who meet the qualifications and are seeking a fulfilling career in this field. With no placement fee and a reputable agency behind it, this job opportunity is worth considering for those looking to embark on a rewarding journey as a household helper.

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Job source:

  • https://www.workabroad.ph/job/3235413

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